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" Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come."


Priya is a very talented, smart, sharp, hard working and highly creative individual. I got a chance to work with Priya in a very critical project. The main challenge in this project was to start from a complete unknown area and build knowledge which was very product specific and with no documentation at all. During this project Priya showed tremendous learning curve with getting extensive hands on skills in JS, Ansible, Rundeck, Python etc. During this tenure I didn't feel like that it was her career's 1st project. As we two were teamed together, Priya's presence only and her work solved most of the problems for us by cutting deliverable times tremendously. For this project and excellent work Priya was even awarded Spot bonus award which I know is just a start for her with many more to follow. I would recommend Priya to anyone who's looking for an excellent resource, with key feature of Priya that she can adapt in any situation however tough it may be. I wish all the very best to her.
Priya joined us in Adobe Campign's team in difficult times of pandemic. And it's commendable how she managed to learn everything so fast and delivered her tasks before deadlines. It's inspiring to see the impact of her work in team. She is an active participant in CSR events at Adobe and posses high zeal to learn and grow together.
Priya is very hardworking, focused and proactive. She possesses a great combination of technical and professional skills. She joined Adobe in pandemic time and on-boarded herself quickly in the virtual era. She volunteered, organized and participated in many social events at Adobe. She is a great asset to the team and definitely worth recommending.
This is to certify that I have known and worked with Priya during her 6 month internship program at Morgan Stanley Advantage Services, Mumbai, India from Feb-2020 to July-2020. As part of her internship project named ‘Evolve’, Priya was tasked to develop a Java based relational data query tool using GraphQL framework as a proof of concept to showcase how we could minimize duplication of database query logic for varied client report requests that operate on the same underlying data. As her project manager I would like to acknowledge that Priya was successfully able to deliver on her project goals and requirements as part of the internship program.

One of the striking qualities is her ability to learn quickly and apply her knowledge to the work at hand. Being a novice in Java programming, Priya was quick to grasp the concepts and implementation details of Object oriented programming in Java and write code with desired quality and standards. She was also able to learn the nuances of GraphQL in a quick time.

We encountered some technical challenges on this project mainly related to batching and performance as GraphQL does not support bulk queries out of the box which leads to a N+1 problem. Priya was able to do research on this problem and integrate a DataLoader library and implement a caching solution that helped improve the response time from 4 mins to 15 seconds for 100,000 records. Due to the bulk nature of the response she was required to implement a pagination based approach that would break the response into several pages providing reference to the next page. In absence of any existing Java compatible solution for GraphQL, Priya was able to implement a custom solution for this.

Priya has been sincere, hardworking and focused throughout her internship term and Pc users herself in a highly professional manner. 

- Chintan Kanal, Vice President

Morgan Stanley | Corporate & Funding Technology

I have come across rare talent like Priya. She is not only good with technical stuff but also very sincere. She is best in delivering projects in short span. While she was doing her internship in Morgan Stanley I was continuously in touch with her on project delivery and there She was meticulous about requirements, the technology she had chosen and the final solution she has come up with.

- Sonal Shinde, Vice President

Morgan Stanley | Corporate & Funding Technology

Priya is a focussed and talented young technocrat. She is very serious about her work and her career and works hard towards it. Her ability to grasp things quickly is commendable.

Sometimes in our career and in our life, we are torn between what we want vs what is presented to us in the moment. This case presented itself to Priya aswell. At such a nascent stage in her career, the way she navigated through the problem and arrived to the right decision reflects positively on her maturity and decision making skills, which can take her a long way in her career.

- Shikhar Sinha, Senior Manager

Morgan Stanley | Corporate & Funding Technology

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Ms Priya Vajpeyi, who worked under me as a Summer Intern for 2 months.

Normally, as a practise, I provide a comprehensive Business case study to the interns, which requires and tests, both business and technical knowledge of the intern. And more often than not, interns struggle to grasp the business concepts related to corporate finance, inventory management etc, as these concepts are new to them, but to my dismay, usually, they perform low on technical aspects too.

But the same could not be said about Priya. From the very beginning she exuded confidence, coupled with deep eagerness to grasp new concepts quickly without any strain. She took all problems and challenge headfirst. Not only, she demonstrated superior IT skills, but also showed her impressive intelligence and analytical skills, while working on the business case.  Her questions were to-the-point and her curiosity forced me to refer the academic annals on multiple times. She was quick to understand the nuances of business, adapted well to the corporate environs and never got disconcerted by the fact that a business study could have multiple contradictory solutions, like life itself. Coming from a highly logical background, that is something I found very impressive. Her views were refreshing and approach quite practical.

She was also clearly far above the peers in terms of her communication skills. She could express herself clearly and positively, which was manifested in my many interactions with her and finally  exhibited in her case study.  Such superior display of intelligence and self-learning, is aptly corroborated by her academic excellence in college.

It was a great pleasure to interact with such a multi-faceted talent, given her strong desire to excel in whatever she decides to do, her innate talent and her infectious passion towards her project/work. She has the potential to be at the very top 5% of the pyramid. Undoubtedly she would be an asset to any organization and I am delighted to recommend her in the highest possible term.

- Deepankar, Chief Information Officer


Supremely talented and diligent girl, Priya is among the top five students in terms of academics, out-of-the box thinking and insanity towards learning, I have come across in my career of more than 13 years. I have taught her and mentored her for her projects in III year and Final Year. She was fabulous with all the tasks and assignments to such an extent that we have filed a patent together. I strongly recommend her for any role being considered because of her excellent analytical skills and her attitude to fit in and win it.

- Dr. Himani Bansal, Assistant Professor (Senior Grade)

Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

I know Priya as my student in JIIT, Noida. While teaching i have observed certain attributes of her. She is a quick learner, disciplined, hard working, honest and an intelligent student. She has a bright future ahead of her and she can be groomed into a great professional and will surely become an asset of any organization. I wish her all the luck and success in all her future endeavors.

- Dr. Deepak Verma, Assistant Professor

Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Priya! I had a pleasure to work with her on one my startup Bulpy for few months, which truly was outstanding!
Priya's ability to handle and manage project associated tasks was unique and unlike I've ever seen.
All of this translated to a multiplied productivity, efficiency and a boost to the plans.
As a team lead or member, Priya earns my highest recommendation as a great professional to work with.

- Ashutosh Srivastava, Creator and CEO